Your IBM i (AS/400) is a gold mine of business information and logic.

  • It's one of the most stable and affordable computer systems ever made.
  • You've invested thousands of man-hours to build business logic in its RPG programs.
  • But the green-screen interface just hasn't kept up with changing technology.

IBM i now runs all the modern internet/intranet programs.

Supercharge Your IBM i

Data marts receiving data

Give modern browsers access to RPG programs.

  • Use the business logic built over years in your RPG programs.
  • Make it easy to train new people on how to do their jobs.
  • Use industry standard open source technologies to create new programs fast and at low cost.

Analyst at computer

Build high-performance business intelligence tools.

  • Give your business analysts faster access to more important business information.
  • Use the new data warehouse frameworks on your IBM i, IBM Power Systems, or low-cost generic servers.
  • Create dashboards to see changes in critical performance indicators at a glance.

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