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Complete website for a turnkey price

Scalable and secure virtual private server (VPS)

  • We will setup a VPS for you
  • A security certifcate (SSL) is provided for free
Mobile ready

  • Responsive pages automatically ¬†reformat for small screens
Trusted open-source framework

  • Trusted framework ensures dependability
  • Allows rapid development at lower cost
Cross platform
  • Apps will work with Apple and Android devices
Lower cost
  • Same developers can work on iOS and Android apps
Faster deployment
  • One code base is deployed to all devices
IBM i / AS400

Reuse existing RPG programs

  • Allow modern browsers to use business logic embedded in RPG programs
New business intelligence tools

  • Extract valuable information from production databases into a data warehouse

Use our super-computer decision-making assistant to make better decisions.

  • Desdi is a mobile app that will help you and your team make better decisions.
  • She puts advanced Monte-Carlo simulation at your fingertips.

Get everyone on the same page
  • After Action Reviews for organizational and team learning
  • Monte Carlo for decision making
Research projects for discovery
  • Appreciative Inquiry to build on customer satisfaction
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