Cross-platform technology

Apps run on both Apple and Android  phones and tablets

    • Apps can be installed on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and Android tablets.
    • Users learn apps faster - commands are the same for all devices.

Android and Apple

Lowers cost of development and maintenance

    • One developer/team maintains a single code base - one computer language.
    • Easier app testing and debugging.

Speeds up how fast you can change and adapt the app

    • Make changes once and deploy it to many different devices.
    • Programs can be loaded from the app stores or directly through your own server connection.

How we do this:

By using the high-level computer language favored by computer science departments, engineers, and scientists all over the world to get work done.

  • Python programming language

    • Python is easy to learn - it's the most popular language universities use to teach computer science.
    • It has many scientific and mathematical libraries, which is why so many scientist, engineers, and data analysts use it for their work.
  • Kivy multi-platform framework

    • Kivy runs Python on Apple and Android phones and tablets.
    • Kivy is adapted to each device platform to make it fast. It is a real app on the platform, not just a browser.
  • Database and numerical processing libraries

    • We use Object Relational Mapping (ORM) for robust access to an SQL database on the phones and tablets.
    • We use Numpy, a mathematical library, for extremely fast numerical processing.
  • Templates, tools, and discipline

    • We've developed templates and tools that allow us to quickly create robust apps.
    • We write sound, maintainable software by vigilantly applying solid development and testing techniques.

See our decision-making assistant mobile app Desdi.

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